Taking good care of your pet is undoubtedly important to you. We want to be a part of that journey. If you’re in the Pensacola, FL area, and your pet needs specialized eye care, seeing a veterinary ophthalmology specialist can make all the difference. At Animal Eye Clinic Of Pensacola, we understand the need to treat serious problems with your pets’ eyes, so they can have the very best possible quality of life. Issues like conjunctival and corneal ulcers can cause pain and anxiety, but we’re here to help.

What Is a Corneal Ulcer?

A corneal ulcer is similar to an ulcer that develops elsewhere in the body. When the cornea is damaged, often through some type of trauma, the underlying tissue is exposed. A shallow wound of this type generally heals up on its own, but deeper ulcers can cause serious problems, including a rupture of the eye. Surgery from a pet eye doctor will usually be needed in order to correct the problem and salvage the eye with the least amount of damage.

How Does a Graft Help?

Ulcer grafts help by placing protective tissue over the ulcer itself, and also by making sure the wound can get proper blood flow to speed healing. These grafts aren’t permanent. They’re often put in place for a few weeks, and then removed once the corneal ulcer has had time to properly heal.

The grafts use your pet’s own tissue, so there’s no risk of rejection, and they can make the difference between saving or losing an eye. Conjunctival grafts are often small, and may be able to be left in place, while larger grafts will need removal. A temporary reduction in vision is the biggest downside to these grafts.

What Should You Look for in Your Pet?

If you notice that your pets having problems with their eyes or if they’ve been injured on or near the eye, it’s best to have a vet or pet eye doctor take a look to ensure they’re all right. You may need to get them treatment from a veterinary ophthalmology specialist, to help ensure that they’re getting the best veterinary care for the concerns they’re facing.

Work with a Veterinarian You Can Trust

When your pets are injured, you want to make sure they get the very best care possible. At Animal Eye Clinic Of Pensacola, you can rely on our vet and staff to make sure your pets are properly treated for any problems they have with their eye health. Whether they need a conjunctival graft of another type of corneal ulcer graft, we have the skills and knowledge to handle the issue and give them the best chance of a good recovery and a return to better vision. Contact us today for your pet’s eye health needs.