At Animal Eye Clinic Of Pensacola, our team of compassionate professionals is ready to provide quality eye care for your pet. We are committed to giving pets the eye care they need for optimal vision. However, if your pet is already suffering from vision loss or blindness, we can also ensure he or she experiences the best outcome for their changing eyes. We provide intraocular prosthesis surgery for pets suffering from blindness.

What Is Intraocular Prosthesis Surgery?

An intraocular prosthesis surgery is used to help ease pain and discomfort in an irreversibly blind eye. An incision is made in the eye, and the iris, retina, lens, and ciliary body are all removed. Afterward, a prosthetic eyeball is inserted to maintain the shape of the eye. Once this eye is healed, it functions normally as it moves and blinks in coordination with the other eye.

Why Does My Pet Need Intraocular Prosthesis Surgery?

Chronic glaucoma is the most common condition that leads to the need for intraocular prosthesis surgery because the eye loses sight and becomes rather painful. This surgery ensures that your pet’s already blind eye does not have any additional negative effect on his or her daily life.

Post-Intraocular Prosthesis Surgery Care

After our veterinary ophthalmology specialist has fitted the prosthetic, there may be some swelling and redness around the eye accompanied by a discharge of mucus for some days. Your pet will be prescribed topical antibiotic drops as well as oral antibiotics and pain relief medications to use for a few days after the surgery.

As your pet adjusts, he or she may be less active than usual and experience some temporary discomfort.  Blood vessels temporarily growing into the cornea coupled with minor bleeding from the surgery will leave the eye red. After a few weeks, the eye takes on a blue or gray color. You should see the final look of the new eye between two and three months after the surgery, in between which time you will need to bring your pet for scheduled checkups as per the instructions of our vets.

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